·Jan 26, 2024

A Solution walkthrough with Ealing Property Meet

We ran a solution walkthrough highlighting our 3 key focus areas of:Communicate EffectivelyManage SmartlyOverlook NothingThis was a great opportunity to showcase for the first time our fully integrated in-app telephony solutions and how it seemlessly integrates to case managment.All calls processed through Konnexsion are: Recorded TranscribedSummarised by our Advance... Read more

4 mins read
·Jan 24, 2024

Billing day in your Temporary Accommodation business doesn't need to be the worst day of the month

No matter who we talk to it's always TA Billing day that comes up as the day most people fear.How to ensure the bills are right.How to avoid missing properties or getting the rates wrong.How to format the document correctlyand then finally how to ensure the receipt is correctly reconciled.Our TA billing system takes away all that stress. Accruate bills can be raised ... Read more

1 min read

Property Finance - Freeing yourself from the spreadsheet

As part of a series of articles I am starting to look back at some of the existing Konnexsion features and the value they seek to bring you. The property finance solution is slightly different from our typical modules in that it isn't designed to support your day to day operations. Most of our core features aim to directly focus on operational impact be it via effic... Read more

3 mins read

The Power of Unified Messaging

At Konnexsion we talk about unified messaging but what is it? Well it’s the consolidation of different messaging types into a single solution. The solution of course is Konnexsion, but we go beyond that. With unified messaging enabled you are able to receive and send emails and sms messages from exactly the same place. Add to this the ability to receive voice mails... Read more

1 min read

Personalising your email with a Subdomain

The true power of the Konnexsion communication capabilities becomes evident when you start create your own personal email addresses. This can be both for each of your team members and group mailboxes to share. With group mailboxes you can setup addresses like maintenance@ or accounts@. This video takes you through the process of setting up your subdomain and the s... Read more

1 min read

Understanding Entity Settings

When you first start using Konnexsion it’s a good ideal to have a look at the settings available to you so that you can configure the system to your specific needs. This video navigates you through the settings pages. Within settings you will be able to define your mailboxes, purchase and assign phone numbers and setup your calendar integration.... Read more

1 min read

Setting up a Tenancy

What would a Property Management solution designed to manage your rental business be without having a tenancy module. Within the tenancy module you are able to record your tenants details including providing them access to your Konnexsion portal. The tenancy module consists of: The Contract: Where you detail the key aspects of your tenancy agreement from start... Read more

tenancyDocument Management
1 min read

Receiving an inbound text message

We’ve talked about Unified Messaging. This video dives into receiving an inbound text message using Konnexsion. We take you through the process of managing a text message or sms when you receive one. In this case it was from our tenant. Receiving an sms is similar to receiving an email. You need to decide if the message needs to be: Linked to a tenancy Added ... Read more

1 min read

Creating a Letterhead and Personal Email Signature

After you start to use Konnexsion for messaging you will quickly find that you want to make your documents and emails better visually presented. Do you want to add a disclaimer to the bottom of your mails as you sign them off? Our letterhead and email signature template features can help you with this. Letterhead is where you can add ‘company-wide’ content to ... Read more

1 min read

Electronically Signing a document

Tenancy document signingWe have transparently integrated Konnexsion with Signable our eSignature provider. With our integration, you benefit from not having to download documents and upload them to separate systems.The full audit trail of activity is retained within Konnexsion including the final signed document.At the same time, you benefit from making use of an Ele... Read more

Document Management
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