·Jan 24, 2024

Billing day in your Temporary Accommodation business doesn't need to be the worst day of the month

No matter who we talk to it's always TA Billing day that comes up as the day most people fear.How to ensure the bills are right.How to avoid missing properties or getting the rates wrong.How to format the document correctlyand then finally how to ensure the receipt is correctly reconciled.Our TA billing system takes away all that stress. Accruate bills can be raised ... Read more

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·May 4, 2023

Enhancing Rent-to-Rent Success with Konnexsion: A Powerful Property Management Solution

Discover how Konnexsion's comprehensive property management platform can maximize returns and minimize risks for rent-to-rent organizations. Learn about the platform's key features, including streamlined property management, optimized financial management, flexible rent collection models, and efficient maintenance and repairs management. Experience the benefits of Ko... Read more

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·Mar 2, 2023

Unlocking the Benefits of Key Management in Property Management

Discover the importance of key management in the property management industry, and learn how implementing an effective key management system can enhance security, save time and money, improve accountability, and streamline maintenance scheduling. Find out how a key management solution like Konnexsion can optimize your property management operations.... Read more

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How to use a CRM solution to manage your rental portfolio

What is customer relationship management (CRM)?Customer relationship management, or CRM for short, is a tool that’s often mentioned when discussing sales functions. As a means to stay in contact with, follow up, and keep a record of your interactions with both current and potential prospects or customers, it’s one of the best methods to ultimately convert the busines... Read more

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Proptech for landlords: what is it, and why do I need to know?

How does the idea of fewer spreadsheets sound?The rise of Proptech is to make any property professional take notes – and it’s easy to see why.Early adopters have found its benefits include: easier task management, improved communication, and a more insightful view of their property portfolios.What’s more, as the technology becomes more mainstream, any property busine... Read more

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6 Common Mistakes Landlords Make With Tenancy Agreements

Tenancy Agreement Mistakes Made By LandlordsThere are many positives about being a buy-to-let investor - but ensuring the paperwork is right every time isn’t often one of them. With ‘Right to Rent’ checks, council safety inspections, energy performance certificates - not to mention a complex stack of tax rules: the pile of regulation seems to grow month on month.Agai... Read more

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HMO Investment Strategy – How to Choose the Perfect Property

Do you want to be an HMO landlord with all that comes with it? You may be just starting out or an experienced landlord exploring ways to diversify your portfolio or expand your revenue. Either way, you will have a lot to consider before you proceed. There is more involved in setting up and managing an HMO. It is true that the yields are typically greater than the ave... Read more

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How to convert a buy to let property to an HMO

Are you thinking of converting one or more of your buy to let properties into an HMO? If so, you will be addressing the demand for flexible and affordable housing resulting from the UK trend where the average size of a typical household is declining whilst at the same time the population is increasing. Much is made of the additional responsibilities and legal obligat... Read more

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What are my responsibilities as an HMO landlord? A few considerations

So, you’ve made the choice to be an HMO landlord? A great move - but how aware are you of the additional responsibilities and legalities of running one?Because of past situations where tenants have been found to be living in unsafe environments, additional rules have been put in place to protect tenants’ health and safety. In particular they are there to reduce the r... Read more

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