Streamline Your Housing Provider Ops with Konnexsion's Short-Term / Temporary Accommodation Solution

3 min read
Jan 2, 2023
Updated: May 9, 2024

Managing a property portfolio that includes short-term or temporary tenancies can be a challenging task. However, with Konnexsion's Housing Provider solution, you can streamline your operations and take control of your billing, statements, receipt reconciliation, maintenance request management, and tenancy record-keeping with ease.

Efficient Tenancy Record-Keeping:

In the fast-paced world of temporary accommodation, you need a system that can quickly set up and record each tenancy as it starts and comes to an end. Konnexsion's fully integrated tenancy module is at the heart of the Housing Provider solution. This single platform provides all the necessary information, including tenant contact details, start and end dates, and daily rates that seamlessly feed into the billing system. With Konnexsion, you can effortlessly manage the high turnover of tenants and maintain accurate records.

Efficient Maintenance Request and Query Management:

Konnexsion's comprehensive system enables you to effectively manage both tenant and housing provider maintenance requests and queries. Regardless of whether you receive them via email, SMS, or WhatsApp, our platform ensures that all incoming requests are managed efficiently. With our case management and assignment features, you can quickly delegate tasks to your team members, guaranteeing prompt responses and resolutions for all maintenance requests and queries.

Billing Consistency for Short-Term Tenancies:

No matter how short your tenancies may be, it's crucial to maintain consistent billing. Konnexsion's Housing Provider billing mechanism ensures accurate and timely invoices by calculating the rent due based on your daily rate. With our system, you can avoid missed billing and incorrect invoices, ensuring a seamless payment process.

Versatile Housing Provider Statements:

Konnexsion understands that different providers require different billing methods. Our versatile solution can produce consolidated invoices, statements, or individual invoices for each of your properties with just a single click. Cater to your clients' preferences and simplify your billing process with Konnexsion.

Mid-Period Reporting

An essential aspect of the Housing Provider solution is the ability to utilize mid-period reporting, which allows you to produce real-time billing summaries. These summaries show tenancy charges that have been billed but not yet processed, ensuring that your tenancy records are accurately recorded.

With mid-period reporting, you can have the confidence that your monthly billing day will run smoothly, with bills being produced correctly the first time. This feature eliminates the need for time-consuming adjustments and ensures that your financial records remain accurate and up-to-date. By staying on top of your billing processes, you can focus on providing quality temporary housing solutions and managing your property portfolio effectively.

Effortless Receipt Reconciliation:

Konnexsion eliminates the need for painstaking receipt and payment reconciliation. Once you've generated a statement, our system allows you to easily reconcile your bank receipts with each of your Housing Provider Tenancies. Our software accurately tracks revenue on a property-by-property basis and automatically splits and assigns rent receipts. Even when dealing with partial payments or disputes, Konnexsion simplifies the reconciliation process.

Embrace the convenience and efficiency that Konnexsion's Housing Provider Short-Term / Temporary Tenancy solution offers. Our software is designed to streamline your operations, ensuring accurate billing, versatile statements, effortless receipt reconciliation, effective maintenance request management, and efficient tenancy record-keeping. With Konnexsion, you can focus on providing exceptional housing services to your clients while leaving the complex financial and operational tasks to our advanced system.