The Ideal platform for property managers

A single, easy-to-use solution, providing you the time to invest in your business

As A Property Manager, Your Time And Resources Are Valuable

With all your apps and tools on one dashboard, it’s easy to stay on top of all your properties — streamlining teams, tasks, and making you more efficient.

Deliver an outstanding service with the complete CRM platform, helping you respond faster. Whether you need to organise repairs, or manage a tenant concern, our platform will make sure you get it done.

Konnexsion keeps you connected, providing a complete overview of tenant requests, maintenance requests, income and outgoings. Lengthy tasks are made easier, so you can finally focus your time and attention where it’s really needed: expanding your business.

Key benefits for larger organisations with multiple teams

Unified messaging

  • Access and keep records of voice, text and email communications through a single dashboard
  • ‘Hot phones’ or providing personal phone numbers are a thing of the past


  • Integrate to a leading signature provider, store all records and legal documentation securely in the cloud

Document management

  • Store, retrieve and share property and tenancy documents is intuitive and instant
  • Create standard templates for tenancy onboarding documents

Calendar integration

  • Organise Google calendar entries directly from your fully integrated Konnexsion account, syncing important reminders and tenancy end dates

Ready to take full control of managing your property business?

Konnexsion Is More Than Just Software – When You Use It, You Take Control Of The Day-To-Day Demands Of Property Management.