Website Builder

With our website builder, you can create a online brand you will be proud of

Free yourself to share your company brand with a look and feel unique to your needs

Simple to build and limited only by your ideas

Konnexsion Website builder is a codeless drag and drop solution that will allow you to be in full contol of your own website

Blogs & Posts

Keep your site fresh and capture your audience by posting news articles and industry insight. 


Your users can send you slack, email and API Posts to workflow solutions such as Zapier from your website form.

Landing Pages

You can create landing pages to direct your visitors to your call to action

Mobile Friendly

You don't need to worry about how your site will look. Our design team has made all your components work on any device

Your Konnexsion Properties fully integrated with your website



Multiple Marketing Channels

Your properties can be listed in different marketing channels including:

    • Sales
    • Lettings
    • Developments
    • Commercial

Search Options and Results

Your visitors will be able to search by postcode, streeet, city or region specifying distance to include. Results will return in different formats including map overview

Changes 'Published' to your website

Update the marketing details of your property within the Konnexsion CRM and press publish. Your property listing will synchronise over to your website. Change image order, content or even marketing status.

Share or Post on Social Media

If you or your visitor posts the property on their social media page. You can be sure it will be deserving of your brand. Property image and description will be formatted for maximum impact

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes to my site once launched?

Of course. We provide you the framework for you to build and manage your own site. You can modify the pages, content, or properties at any time effortlessly.

Will my website be limited to a small number of templates?

We will be providing templates from which you can base your design but no, your design possibilities are endless

Can I customise page headings and search results for my pages?

Yes with every page you build you define your own SEO content. We encourage you to add page titles, keywords and featured images to maximise your search result potential

I want to use my own CRM tool for landing pages is this possible?

Yes you can easily point your web pages to Digital Marketing solutions.

I use slack and I'd like to know when someone has sent a form

No problem. You can provide multiple 'endpoints' for your form submissions. These include Slack, Email, REST API Posts like Zapier and other workflow solutions.

Can I use my own domain with the Konnexsion website

Yes and we will even provide the SSL certificate. From within your settings you add your domain and we will provide the details you need to use to 'route' your website to our servers

Will Google Crawl my website?

Yes we automatically inform Google of your site and provide a sitemap that details all your pages, blogs and properties. Your site will be crawled by the Google search engine. You can always improve your results using good content, links to 3rd party sites, add good titles that the search engines will value.

I like the Konnexsion website. Did you use your builder or have it professionally designed?

For sure, we used the Konnexsion website builder to produce this website. Everything you see on this site you could build yourself using our website builder.

How do I get started?

Just fill out your details below and we will be happy to get you setup.

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