Exciting Updates and New Features at Konnexsion: Enhancing Your Property Management Experience

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Apr 12, 2024
Updated: May 9, 2024

At Konnexsion, we're thrilled to share significant developments that have been driven by your valuable feedback. Our advanced features, particularly in case management, have been crafted to support your growing needs and empower your property management business.

Empowering Your Lettings Business to Scale Efficiently: Our mission at Konnexsion is to provide a robust framework that allows your lettings business to scale confidently. Here’s what our focus means for you:

  • Communicating Effectively: Enjoy seamless interactions within your team and with your clients, reducing misunderstandings and speeding up communication flows.
  • Managing Smartly: Streamline your operations with intelligent tools that save time, reduce errors, and allow you to focus on strategic decision-making rather than mundane tasks.
  • Overlooking Nothing: Maintain meticulous records and gain actionable insights, ensuring that no detail is missed and enhancing your ability to make informed decisions quickly.

What’s New at Konnexsion? We’re excited to introduce these enhancements to integrate technology seamlessly into your daily workflow:

  • Integrated Cloud Telephony: This feature allows you to send and receive SMS and manage voice calls more efficiently, directly from the Konnexsion Hub. What this means for you:

    • Enhanced Caller Insight: Know who's calling before you pick up, with caller ID linked directly to your tenant and supplier records.
    • AI-Powered Efficiencies: Automatically transcribe and summarize every call, integrating this information into your case management system, which ensures that you have detailed records of all communications.
    • Global Connectivity: Manage your business communications from anywhere in the world, keeping you connected and in control no matter where you or your tenants are located.
  • Voice Memo Transcription: Automatically convert voice memos and video recordings into text directly within your case management system. What this means for you: No more manually transcribing recordings, saving you time and ensuring accuracy in documentation, which is crucial for disputes or legal proceedings.

  • Enhanced Message Management: Merge WhatsApp message threads into cases effortlessly. What this means for you: Keep your communications organized and easily accessible, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of overlooking critical information.

Upcoming Features to Look Forward To:

  • Payment Plan Management: This feature addresses the challenges of managing overdue rents with options for structured payment plans. What this means for you: Simplify the management of complex payment scenarios, ensuring that you stay on top of every payment detail, improve cash flow predictability, and reduce financial stress.
  • AI Innovations: Explore potential developments like automated email creation and a tenant-query chatbot. What this means for you: Reduce the workload associated with routine queries and communications, allowing more time for higher-value activities.

Did You Know?

  • Guaranteed Rent Management: Streamline the management of guaranteed rents. What this means for you: Register leaseholders, schedule rent payments, and track expenses efficiently, ensuring profitability and compliance.
  • Landlord Portal: Allow landlords to self-serve by creating their own statements and accessing property documents. What this means for you: Reduce administrative burdens and enhance landlord satisfaction.
  • Housing Provider Billing Module: Easily consolidate rents and generate detailed statements for housing providers. What this means for you: Streamline billing processes, ensuring accuracy and timeliness in financial transactions.

We Want to Hear from You!

Your insights are invaluable. They help us refine our offerings to ensure our solutions meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Join us as we continue to set new standards in property management. Discover the possibilities with Konnexsion and see how our latest innovations can transform your approach to property management.