Introducing Email Integration with ChatGPT: Revolutionizing Your Inbox Experience

Enhance your email communications and streamline your workflow with our new ChatGPT integration. Introduction:We at Konnexsion are excited to announce our newest feature: Email Integration with ChatGPT. This groundbreaking integration empowers you to quickly respond to messages, create new emails, and even summarize entire email threads, all from within your Konne... Read more

2 mins read

Konnexsion EPC Module: A Comprehensive Solution for Managing Energy Performance Certificates

Discover the Konnexsion EPC Module, a comprehensive solution for managing Energy Performance Certificates across your property portfolio. Simplify EPC management, make informed investment decisions, and plan retrofit programs with ease.... Read more

2 mins read

Revolutionize Your Property Management Communications with Konnexsion's Telephony Module

Discover the benefits of Konnexsion's Telephony Module for property management communications. Learn how features like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call recording and transcription, VoIP extensions, and multiple voicemail boxes streamline interactions with tenants, landlords, and maintenance teams, improving efficiency and customer service.... Read more

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·Feb 1, 2023

Streamline Your Housing Provider Ops with Konnexsion's Short-Term / Temporary Accommodation Solution

Discover how Konnexsion's Housing Provider solution streamlines short-term and temporary tenancy management, offering efficient billing, versatile statements, effortless receipt reconciliation, effective maintenance request handling, and comprehensive tenancy record-keeping for property managers in the temporary housing sector. Embrace the convenience and efficiency ... Read more

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Property Finance - Freeing yourself from the spreadsheet

As part of a series of articles I am starting to look back at some of the existing Konnexsion features and the value they seek to bring you. The property finance solution is slightly different from our typical modules in that it isn't designed to support your day to day operations. Most of our core features aim to directly focus on operational impact be it via effic... Read more

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A media day with a Customer Advisory Board member, Rob Mason

A couple of weeks ago one of our customer advisory customers, Rob Mason @ RJL Property Group offered to come over to the Konnexsion offices and talk about his experiences of using our solution. What started with the intent of creating a single interview style testimonial ended up being a day spend building a number of mini video clips about various aspects of Konnexs... Read more

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·Mar 6, 2021

The Communications addon - June 2021

Well it’s only been a week since the Communications release went live and I want to thank you all for all your feedback. It gives the whole product team a boost when we hear of your experiences. (Yes the good and the bad in truth). This last release was different from most of our previous ‘new feature’ deployments as it had immediate impact on your existing daily act... Read more

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The Communication Release - May 2021

It's been a couple of months since our last release. That was our marketing release where we launched the website builder in an entirely new technical infrastructure. I'm happy to say that several websites have gone live / are in build across the community. I've seen some great uses of the solution, from pre and post tenancy questionnaires to some brilliant content. ... Read more

6 mins read

The Marketing Release - Building your own website

During the early hours of Sunday morning, the Konnexsion team deployed the most extensive release we have made to date. Before I eagerly talk about what we have been doing in our development rooms, I hope that you, the Konnexsion community, your friends and your families are safe and well. We have all experienced the last 12 months differently and wish for you all ... Read more

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·Jan 8, 2020

The Property Finance Release - Aug 2020

It’s that time again when I have the pleasure of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to talk about a new Konnexsion release. This time as I sit here, putting my thoughts into words, I find myself struggling to explain how pleased I am with the results of what we have been working on over the last month.This release takes Konnexsion into new territory. Histo... Read more

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The Project Management and Bank Reconciliation release

I was going to call this release Project Finance as it contains:a significant upgrade to the way you can manage projects via casesa whole new module to reconcile your finances to your banknew financial transactionsHowever, the words Project Finance take me back to my Oil and Gas years, where it brings in a completely different meaning. It also made me think about som... Read more

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"This one's for you" - Release April 2020

It’s a challenging time for us all these days. The Konnexsion team hopes that all our customers are safe and that you are dealing with the current new norm.We hope that your disruption has not been too significant. As property managers our roles go on, and our obligations do not change. Lockdown may mean changes to prioritisation of maintenance, and we may find ourse... Read more

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