"This one's for you" - Release April 2020

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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

It’s a challenging time for us all these days. The Konnexsion team hopes that all our customers are safe and that you are dealing with the current new norm.

We hope that your disruption has not been too significant. As property managers our roles go on, and our obligations do not change. Lockdown may mean changes to prioritisation of maintenance, and we may find ourselves providing advice or even a listening ear to tenants that are struggling.

Now more than ever, we hope that Konnexsion is helping you by providing transparency across your portfolio. You should have direct access to the status of rent or an audit trail of what you have agreed with your tenants. We also hope as your teams themselves are working at home Konnexsion is supporting better communication and collaboration. Much of the thinking that went into the original design of our solution came from the management of large globally dispersed teams having to work together.

There’s been some disruption on our side too. The home of our fantastic product team is in India, and each member of our team have had personal challenges as part of their nationwide lockdown. Initially, we ensured everyone can work securely from home. Then in focusing on everyone’s welfare, we have implemented daily calls with the UK team, and we have spent a far greater time talking to our technical team about our user’s, your, experiences of Konnexsion.

It was during these early calls, and as a result of a disruption in working on some external integrations, we decided to kick the lockdown off with something different. For the last few week’s, we have run several hackathons—each with a specific focus on customer feedback. Our product and development team members have been looking through all feedback to date, and selected features that they feel will have some real impact.

It’s been a fulfilling journey for us all. Across functional and technical teams we have debated:

  • ‘Why is the feature wanted?’
  • ‘How it can be delivered?’
  • ‘What impact will it have?’

The results? A release we are calling “This one’s for you.” Of course, these features were chosen because we felt that they would make the most significant impact on all our customers. Just because I do not mention you specifically, please do not overlook the change. An example here being the change we have made to bank setup and managing transactions. Let me elaborate below.

Charlotte, this one’s for you: Apurba has built an ability to add multiple parties to an eSignature envelope. When creating an eSignature, you can effortlessly add all tenants from a tenancy without the need to look them up. Apurba also added the ability for you to send an SMS or email to a tenant directly from within the tenancy page. Just click on the menu option next to the tenant, and you will get an email screen popup.