·Mar 16, 2023

Konnexsion EPC Module: A Comprehensive Solution for Managing Energy Performance Certificates

Discover the Konnexsion EPC Module, a comprehensive solution for managing Energy Performance Certificates across your property portfolio. Simplify EPC management, make informed investment decisions, and plan retrofit programs with ease.... Read more

2 mins read
·Nov 19, 2022

Property Finance - Freeing yourself from the spreadsheet

As part of a series of articles I am starting to look back at some of the existing Konnexsion features and the value they seek to bring you. The property finance solution is slightly different from our typical modules in that it isn't designed to support your day to day operations. Most of our core features aim to directly focus on operational impact be it via effic... Read more

3 mins read
·Jan 17, 2021

The Property and Asset Register

Property and Asset Register The asset allows you to manage your properties alongside your tenancy agreements. Your property management business is more than just about tenants you also have a set of assets that you need to manage. We believe Konnexsion needs to be just as strong in the management of your assets as it is in managing the tenancy. The reason for this?... Read more

4 mins read
·Aug 1, 2020

The Property Finance Release - Aug 2020

It’s that time again when I have the pleasure of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to talk about a new Konnexsion release. This time as I sit here, putting my thoughts into words, I find myself struggling to explain how pleased I am with the results of what we have been working on over the last month.This release takes Konnexsion into new territory. Histo... Read more

2 mins read