·Jan 17, 2021

Finding an integration partner - eSignature & Signable

When to find a partner and when to build yourself? This is a question that every software developer should ask themselves as part of their pipeline planning. We have a long list of ideas in the Konnexsion pipeline. Some of those will be capabilities that we want to build ourselves and others we will partner with others. Software companies use 3rd party products behi... Read more

Document ManagementeSignature
5 mins read
·Jan 16, 2021

Electronically Signing a document

>We have transparently integrated Konnexsion with Signable our eSignature provider. With our integration, you benefit from not having to download documents and upload them to separate systems.The full audit trail of activity is retained within Konnexsion including the final signed document.At the same time, you benefit from making use of an Electronic Signature platf... Read more

Document Management
1 min read
·Apr 10, 2020

"This one's for you" - Release April 2020

It’s a challenging time for us all these days. The Konnexsion team hopes that all our customers are safe and that you are dealing with the current new norm.We hope that your disruption has not been too significant. As property managers our roles go on, and our obligations do not change. Lockdown may mean changes to prioritisation of maintenance, and we may find ourse... Read more

3 mins read