·Jan 24, 2024

Billing day in your Temporary Accommodation business doesn't need to be the worst day of the month

No matter who we talk to it's always TA Billing day that comes up as the day most people fear.How to ensure the bills are right.How to avoid missing properties or getting the rates wrong.How to format the document correctlyand then finally how to ensure the receipt is correctly reconciled.Our TA billing system takes away all that stress. Accruate bills can be raised ... Read more

1 min read

Introducing Email Integration with ChatGPT: Revolutionizing Your Inbox Experience

Enhance your email communications and streamline your workflow with our new ChatGPT integration. Introduction:We at Konnexsion are excited to announce our newest feature: Email Integration with ChatGPT. This groundbreaking integration empowers you to quickly respond to messages, create new emails, and even summarize entire email threads, all from within your Konne... Read more

2 mins read

Revolutionize Your Property Management Communications with Konnexsion's Telephony Module

Discover the benefits of Konnexsion's Telephony Module for property management communications. Learn how features like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call recording and transcription, VoIP extensions, and multiple voicemail boxes streamline interactions with tenants, landlords, and maintenance teams, improving efficiency and customer service.... Read more

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·Mar 2, 2023

Unlocking the Benefits of Key Management in Property Management

Discover the importance of key management in the property management industry, and learn how implementing an effective key management system can enhance security, save time and money, improve accountability, and streamline maintenance scheduling. Find out how a key management solution like Konnexsion can optimize your property management operations.... Read more

3 mins read

Property Finance - Freeing yourself from the spreadsheet

As part of a series of articles I am starting to look back at some of the existing Konnexsion features and the value they seek to bring you. The property finance solution is slightly different from our typical modules in that it isn't designed to support your day to day operations. Most of our core features aim to directly focus on operational impact be it via effic... Read more

3 mins read

The Property and Asset Register

Property and Asset Register The asset allows you to manage your properties alongside your tenancy agreements. Your property management business is more than just about tenants you also have a set of assets that you need to manage. We believe Konnexsion needs to be just as strong in the management of your assets as it is in managing the tenancy. The reason for this?... Read more

4 mins read

Finding an integration partner - eSignature & Signable

When to find a partner and when to build yourself? This is a question that every software developer should ask themselves as part of their pipeline planning. We have a long list of ideas in the Konnexsion pipeline. Some of those will be capabilities that we want to build ourselves and others we will partner with others. Software companies use 3rd party products behi... Read more

Document ManagementeSignature
5 mins read

Messaging with email sms and voicemail from your inbox

Konnexsion's messaging capabilities takes a Tenancy Management solution to a new level of integration into your daily life. We wanted more than a tenancy record management system when we designed Konnexsion. We wanted to provide a system that fully supported every aspect of managing your lets. The Konnexsion Messaging system combines the power of a Tenancy Manage... Read more

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