Messaging with email sms and voicemail from your inbox

4 min read
Jan 17, 2021
Updated: May 9, 2024

Konnexsion's messaging capabilities takes a Tenancy Management solution to a new level of integration into your daily life. We wanted more than a tenancy record management system when we designed Konnexsion. We wanted to provide a system that fully supported every aspect of managing your lets. The Konnexsion Messaging system combines the power of a Tenancy Management tool with that of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. This allows all the communication between you, your tenants, property owners, maintenance teams to be performed through Konnexsion, all linked back to either your property or tenancy agreement.

Personal and Group Inboxes

To capture the incoming queries from your stakeholders we provide you with both Personal and Group Inboxes. You can easily setup shared inboxes to group common activity. Lettings@, Sales@, Maintenance@ are examples. Inboxes represent the entry point to your workflow. Supported by our Case Management solution your inbound mail can be readily categorised and assigned. This ensures you can keep your inbox well maintained and empty at the end of each day.

Text Messages, Voice Mails and Emails.

You don't just communicate with emails. For this reason the Konnexsion inbox supports a variety of message types. Text messages, voice mails and emails can all reside in your inbox to be managed all in the very same way. Not only does this allow you to communicate with your maintenance team via text message, it keeps that communication history in a single place. A quick glance at a case file will show a holistic picture of all correspondence relating to a particular activity.


How often do you find yourself resolving very similar issues? You send very similar messages when you do. Our template feature allows you to setup pre-defined texts to be included either as emails or as PDF documents. As a result you can save a significant amount of time. By using templates, which can be as small as a single sentence or as long as a contract, you can standardise the way you and your team work. Templates can also be pre-formatted to include both tables and logos or other graphics.

Template Mail-merge

Templates do not need to be static sets of text. You can embed custom fields into a template. This allows you to add tenancy or property details later on when you use them.


Typeahead is a feature of messaging that we are particularly excited about. In the middle of an email you can pull data directly from the property or tenancy module.

  • Perhaps you are writing a message to a plumber and want to include the property address. Press @property and you will be able to select from a list a set of information about the property.
  • If you want to include the phone number or email address of your tenant type @tenant. Then select the information you want. This means you no longer have to lookup details and then manually copy them into your emails.

Privacy - Email Masking

Privacy is an important aspect of all live. At Konnexsion we not only value it for our customers but for your customers too. Perhaps you want to get a maintenance provider to contact your tenant via email but you don't want to give his email address away. Yes we are all concerned about GDPR! Well with Konnexsion you can use our Email Masking capability which replaces the tenant's personal email with one derived by Konnexsion. When your maintenance team emails the tenant using this address, we automatically forward the message directly on to your tenant. Your tenant can even reply to this email and we will once again forward it accordingly. We love the messaging capabilities of Konnexsion. It is not only a communication vehicle. we are able to provide a far richer user experience because it's fully integrated to your tenancy solution.