Enhancing Supplier Performance Management with Konnexsion’s Case Management Tools

2 min read
May 1, 2024
Updated: May 9, 2024

Effective management of supplier performance is crucial within property management, especially when addressing maintenance activities. Understanding how your contractors perform over time not only helps ensure quality service but also strengthens your decision-making process for future engagements. Konnexsion’s case management solution offers a streamlined approach to capturing and analysing supplier performance metrics seamlessly.

The Power of Integrated Case Management: 

Our latest video demonstrates how effortlessly you can monitor and manage your suppliers' performance using Konnexsion. From initiating maintenance requests to completing jobs and recording performance metrics, Konnexsion simplifies every step.

Step-by-Step Guide to Supplier Performance Management:

  1. Starting a Case:

    • The process begins with a real-world scenario—a report of a broken window. A case is promptly started, transforming a simple communication into a trackable and manageable task.
  2. Importing Task Templates:

    • For consistent maintenance activities, predefined task templates are imported, ensuring each step from triage and diagnosis to actual work and closure follows a standard procedure.
  3. Task Management and Progress Tracking:

    • The tasks are organised in a clear sequence, visible in a Gantt chart or as a classic board, allowing for easy tracking and status updates.
  4. Recording Supplier Assignments and Performance:

    • As work progresses, specific suppliers performing the tasks are noted, and direct communications—be it emails, texts, or WhatsApp messages—are integrated into the task's timeline.
    • Upon task completion, custom fields predefined in the system—such as quality and price—are used to record specific performance metrics.
  5. Leveraging Data for Strategic Insights:

    • The video showcases how to use Konnexsion’s reporting module to generate comprehensive reports that reflect supplier performance across various metrics like trade quality and trade price.
    • Filters can be applied to these reports to view data by specific suppliers, task types, or even custom fields, providing a granular view of performance over a selected period.


Supplier performance management is more than just tracking completion times and costs; it’s about gaining a deep understanding of how suppliers meet your quality standards and pricing expectations. With Konnexsion’s case management tools, property managers can not only maintain detailed records of each interaction but also derive actionable insights through customised reporting.

Watch the Full Demo: 

To see these features in action and learn how you can implement them in your operations, watch our detailed video demonstration. Discover how Konnexsion can transform your approach to supplier performance management and help you make more informed decisions about your property maintenance operations.