·Apr 12, 2024

Empowering Guaranteed Rent Providers with Konnexsion: Comprehensive Management for Enhanced Returns

Introduction:In the competitive landscape of the UK property market, Guaranteed Rent Providers are increasingly valued by landlords seeking stability and simplicity. Konnexsion stands at the forefront of this sector, enhancing service delivery with a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to manage every aspect of the guaranteed rent scheme, from robust landlord relat... Read more

3 mins read
·Jan 24, 2024

Billing day in your Temporary Accommodation business doesn't need to be the worst day of the month

No matter who we talk to it's always TA Billing day that comes up as the day most people fear.- How to ensure the bills are right.- How to avoid missing properties or getting the rates wrong.- How to format the document correctly- How to ensure the receipt is correctly reconciled.Our TA billing system takes away all that stress. Accurate bills can be raised within mi... Read more

1 min read
·Jan 2, 2023

Streamline Your Housing Provider Ops with Konnexsion's Short-Term / Temporary Accommodation Solution

Discover how Konnexsion's Housing Provider solution streamlines short-term and temporary tenancy management, offering efficient billing, versatile statements, effortless receipt reconciliation, effective maintenance request handling, and comprehensive tenancy record-keeping for property managers in the temporary housing sector. Embrace the convenience and efficiency ... Read more

3 mins read