Property Finance - Freeing yourself from the spreadsheet

3 min read
Nov 19, 2022
Updated: May 9, 2024

As part of a series of articles I am starting to look back at some of the existing Konnexsion features and the value they seek to bring you. The property finance solution is slightly different from our typical modules in that it isn't designed to support your day to day operations. Most of our core features aim to directly focus on operational impact be it via efficiency, effectiveness or control improvements.

Property finance is far more focused on strategic oversight of your property portfolio. Over the years I have talked with portfolio landlords and they all have one thing in common, the highly complex spreadsheet used to rank, analyse and make decisions about properties held within the portfolio. 

This spreadsheet is used to help answer questions such as:

  • Will this new property add value, diversity or complement my existing portfolio?
  • Is this current property still a good fit or should I divest?

Now we can't answer these questions for you but Konnexsion can help you collate, compare and analyse the information necessary to make these decisions.

During the design of this module we spoke to:
  • our portfolio landlords,
  • mortgage advisers,
  • debt providers
as well as other professionals in order to bring a solution together that will relieve you of your spreadsheets.

I've seen many examples of these sheets over the last few years and I really do believe that using our Property Finance module will both take away some of the pressure around not making mistakes during updates as well as providing a great looking finance pack for you to use when looking for finance.

Property finance brings you a combination of dashboards, ratio calculations, data extracts and what we call the Finance Pack. A single automatically generated document of information from across your portfolio. I am so looking forward to hearing how this helps some of you next time you are looking for debt.

Before having a look at the solution itself watch this video that takes you though some of the financial metrics that we track and you can use to evaluate your portfolio.

Finally, now you have a grasp of the numbers, take a moment to watch this demonstration of Konnexsion itself. I hope you share my view that once you start using an asset management tracker like this you will empower yourself to make some long overdue decisions about individual properties within your portfolio.