A media day with a Customer Advisory Board member, Rob Mason

4 min read
Jul 15, 2021
Updated: May 9, 2024

A couple of weeks ago one of our customer advisory customers, Rob Mason @ RJL Property Group offered to come over to the Konnexsion offices and talk about his experiences of using our solution. What started with the intent of creating a single interview style testimonial ended up being a day spend building a number of mini video clips about various aspects of Konnexsion. The whole team are truly grateful to Rob for his time and energy both on the day and also as a member of our customer advisory board.

I have pleasure in now publishing the videos that were created on the day.

We started with an overall conversation about Konnexsion and Rob's experiences

After this we spoke about what Rob expected from a tenancy management solution. This included various forms of document management, notifications, financial controls and quite specifically relating to our communication module, team collaboration.

We subsequently moved on to talk about some of Konnexsion's features. This included case management which tracks team accountabilities and deadlines.

With features covered we started to talk about one of our more recent developments the Website Builder. Rob and his team joined our alpha testing programme and subsequently became an early adopter.

Moving on we decided to have a go at showing how Rob built his website using our builder. If you want to look at the finished solution have a look at RJL Property Group

We then had a general conversation about what it was like to be on the alpha testing programme and experience a solution being developed. 

Heading back to the core Konnexsion solution we spoke about the Tenancy module. Which manages the full lifecycle of a tenancy:

  • Signing of agreements
  • Financials: Rent due and outstanding
  • Periodic conversions
  • Agency fees and client account controls
  • Scheduling: Inspections, Rent Review etc.

Communications is a core component of Konnexsion and we talk about how SMS, WhatsApp, email and Webforms messages are all integrated into a single mailbox.

Whilst being able to manage communications is one thing being able to link messages together, assign tasks from them and generally resolve problems brings far greater control. Here we talk about Konnexsion's Case Management features.

After having talked about case management and communications we felt it was probably a good idea to demonstrate exactly how it actually works. We talk through an online demonstration of a tenant message being received and how it is handled.

For a software provider gaining customer insight and feedback is critical to the product's success. As a member of Konnexsion's customer advisory board Rob often talks to the product team about his experiences. Rob talks about how he has seen Konnexsion evolve over the last couple of years.

We can't and shouldn't build everything. Sometimes it's about finding the right integration partner. We talk about what is important to us when we integrate and discuss this in the context of our integration with Signable. Good integration should be transparent and not impact the user's experience.

Well after a full day in the studio we were all pretty exhausted and ended the day with a drink on the Konnexsion balcony. We hope that you enjoyed watching some of the experiences of one of our Customer Advisory Board members.

Thanks Rob for your time and continued support!