Setting up a Tenancy

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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

What would a Property Management solution designed to manage your rental business be without having a tenancy module. Within the tenancy module you are able to record your tenants details including providing them access to your Konnexsion portal. The tenancy module consists of:

  • The Contract: Where you detail the key aspects of your tenancy agreement from start dates to rental payments. Konnexsion uses the contract to provide proactive notifications and trigger key activities like rent payments.
  • Activities: An area where you can define your standard tenancy related activities common across all your tenancies. If you perform a set list of activities during each tenancy then it’s the activity grid you will be using. These tasks can be one off or scheduled to recur.
  • Documents: In addition to the core contract documents there may be a number of other items you wish to link to a tenancy this can be supported using the tenancy document grid.

This video takes you through the task of setting up a tenancy.

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