Creating and using templates

1 min read
Updated: Jan 17, 2021

There is nothing quite so frustrating as having to write the same thing time and time again. Beyond just the frustration of writing the same message comes the risk of making mistakes. This is where Konnexsion templates come into the mix. With Konnexsion’s template capability we allow you to create standard sets of text to use at various stages of your tenancy. A standard text can be a whole message and also just a snippet that you add inside a large note. Examples of standard texts include:

  • Welcome messages
  • Rules and payment expectations
  • Maintenance team work orders
  • Requests for access to properties for inspection

In addition to standard texts, Konnexsion allows you to include derived fields like Property Name, address, Tenant’s names, Dates and even Custom Fields for you to complete yourself at the time of using a template. Watch this video to understand more about how to set up a template and then make use of it during your day to day activities.