Complete oversight of your lettings business

For lettings agents, property management companies and portfolio landlords

Managing properties is labour intensive. Konnexsion is a property management software that reduces the administrative burden and overhead of your lettings operations. It uniquenly considers the differing needs of all stakeholders, and helps property professionals and landlords alike:

  • Communicate with tenants, contractors, and landlords using email or SMS without leaving the platform
  • Stay updated on leases, tenants and maintenance tasks
  • Control your rent collection activity
  • Manage finances to reduce costs and streamline administrative tasks.
  • Track and monitor your evolving portfolio



It’s not easy being a landlord. That’s why Konnexsion is here to increase efficiency and help you meet all your obligations. Communicate with tenants, request maintenance, and never miss an inspection, so you can get on with growing your portfolio – minus the mishaps.



Increase productivity and scale without increasing your headcount. Improve the quality of your tenant and client support throughout a tenancy, whether you’re a small agency or an enterprise. Your team can focus on getting more lets over the line.

Property Management

Property Management

With a property management, maintenance, accounting, and communication tool in one, the stunning dashboard provides total portfolio oversight. Everything you need to stay organised, save precious time, and develop your business.

When it comes to managing properties, spend less time on admin tasks by planning, tracking and making decisions on one easy-to-use platform.

Easy to use

Reduces errors by automatically triggering predefined administrative or regulatory tasks

Fully Connected

Superior communication channels help you stay in contact with tenants, landlords, contractors and other stakeholders.

Cloud Based

Instantly access your properties, and your business as a whole: anytime and from any machine.

Future proof

Konnexsion scales and grows with your business. You focus on your business needs leaving us to continually enhance our solution

Take control of your portfolio

Hours are Valuable. It's time to stop wasting them and free yourself up for business development