Flexible end-to-end management

A Day’s Work In Property Is More Than Just Buying, Selling, And Watching The Rent Money Roll In.

With Steep Competition, Increasing Legislation, And Mounting Obligations, You’re Probably Asking Yourself

How do I future-proof my business?

At Konnexsion, we help you achieve the four tenents of property success:

Build relationships that make you stand out

With its fully optimised CRM, Konnexsion helps you stay in touch with your network, keeping stakeholders, tenants, and maintenance teams happy.

Effortlessly manage day-to-day tasks

Getting organised is easy, with automated alerts and document storage secured in one place – accessed anywhere via the cloud.

Stop drowning in admin

In-built accounting and intuitive reporting software solve all your spreadsheet woes, saving you buckets of time.

Stay ahead of the competition

Track income and expenditure in seconds, leaving you valuable time for future business decisions and growing your portfolio.

About our Founder

Communication is at the heart of what makes a property manager great

James started his journey the same way many property owners do: part time.

But with mounting legislation and regulations, required documentation, tracking rental payments, and timely tenant communications – a spreadsheet wasn’t cutting it any more.

Before that, James was in the business of corporate change, managing global operations and optimising companies’ organisation and productivity.

Having built and managed a portfolio himself, armed with his passion for organisational productivity and knowledge of customer relations management, James knew what was missing from the property landscape: interconnectivity.

Whether you’re a landlord, agent, or property developer, modern property managers need one software solution designed just for them, combining easy communication with data storage, legal obligations, asset registers, cloud storage, and flexibility.

So he left his day job – but instead of focusing directly on the portfolio, James decided to build an enterprise ready solution for everyone.